Two Witnesses Suddenly Appear On The Temple Mount

During the time of Jacob's trouble, God will send two witnesses to stand, prophecy, and reveal His salvation message to the Jew first, and then to the gentile.  These two will carryout their God ordained mission for forty two months.  The one world leader will be incensed and send many to kill these two, however, God will give them the supernatural power to kill any who come against them, and fire shall proceed out of their mouths and consume their attackers.

Jacob's trouble is God Himself fulfilling His promise to Jacob to bring Israel back to Himself, through a series of chastisements that take place in this seven year period.  The main purpose of this time period is the salvation of the Jew, however, during it not only are Jews saved, but gentiles as well.  Only one third of all living Jews will be saved, but an incredibly large number of gentiles will be saved.

After three and a half years God will allow these two to be killed, and their bodies will be displayed on the Temple Mount for all to see.  The anti-christ will celebrate thinking he has won a victory, but his celebration will be cut short.  After being displayed for three days they will once again live, be ressurrected for all to see, then God will lift them up to heaven to the awe and dismay of all who have followed the anti-christ.

Sometime during this seven year period, God will ordain one hundred and forty four thousand Jewish virgin males, twelve thousand from each tribe, to spread the salvation message.  Supernaturally protected, they will spread God's salvation message to the entire world, to every country, language, and tribe.  As each of their respective people groups have been given the message, they each shall be martyred.

In the midst of this seven year period, the one world leader will go to Jerusalem and sacrifice a pig on the alter.  It is this act that opens the eyes of ALL Jews, and they then know that this one world leader is not the good guy, but the evil one.  God, who is merciful, desires that all come to the knowledge of the truth.  During this time, all who come to the Lord will be doing it the hard way.  You will lose your physical life in exchange for eternal life, or you will lose eternal life in exchange for a very limited seven year max physical life.

When you see these two witnesses standing on the Temple Mount, hearken to their word, for in it you'll understand how to attain eternal salvation.  Should you find yourself approached by a Jewish preacher with the salvation message, listen, for to ignore God's last offer of salvation, will find you punished forever with the wicked.