One World Government, A Good Thing?
The forming of a one world government has been in the works for sometime now.  The powers that are moving this forward have a number of heavy tools in their arsenal:
Is a slave and a weapon they use to get small to large governments to bow to their demands.
Is another tool.  First they buy large quantities of product to the point the government converts its industry over to supply the need, then come the threats:  Do what we want or you'll suffer like the junkie we made you, bow to our demands or we will drive your economy into the ground.
These are not the only tools they have, money, food, and medicine, will soon be used against the populations to control them.  When they coerce you into thinking that cash is no good, and your money is just a number in the bank, then they can simply make a call to crush you.

Then there are the government subsidies, foodstamps, and Social Security.  They position you so that you have little choice but to go on foodstamps, then one day, they will stop them in an instant, and you will be completely at their mercy.  And Social Security, they've been stealing from it for years, and it will collapse.

Soon they will have completed their task, and setup a single individual to rule the world.  The Bible calls this man the anti-christ.  What he will do is force all to give up their soverignty, and force all to turn to a one world religion.  He will make all subject to his government and in time will demand all worship him as god.

At some time in the future he will demand all be given a mark of some sort in their hand or forehead, and only those with the mark will be able to access their money to buy or sell.  If you take this mark you will be able to buy food, but in taking it you will ensure your judgment of eternal damnation.  If you don't take it they will first let you starve, but then they will put you in jail, and torture you.  Do Not Take The Mark!

Those who have the mark will turn you in to the authorities, you will not be able to trust anyone who has the mark, be they priest or brother, father or mother.  At this point in time you will be fortunate to have lived long enough to recognize the meaning of the word Survival.  I remind you that Jesus said "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.   John 8:32"