They're Gone, But You're Still Here

The day will come when millions of people around the world will just disappear in an instant, and if you're still here you will be wondering just what happened to them?  Are you in danger?

You'll get little comfort from the media and / or the government, but they will be working around the clock in full propaganda mode to calm the masses.  When you hear their explanations about what happened, those taken, where they are now, and why they were taken, you'll know they are lying to you.

First let me mention that those taken were generally of good character, they were not criminals, or bad guys.  They had a strong faith in God, and probably attended a Church regularly.  A good many of them were looking forward to the day they would be taken, seeing it as a good event.  They looked expectantly to the day the God Himself would descend from heaven to carry them away to heaven to spend eternity with God their Savior.

So to answer your question: "Are you in danger?"  YES, you are!  The ones taken are not, but everyone left on this planet are in danger, and that danger is so horrific that those whom understand it are terrified.  Your survival is a great question mark, but there are things to consider and deal with to ensure your long-term survival.  I strongly urge you to read Focus And Live it just might save your life.