A Serious Look At Your Number One Survival Issue
The following information is about Survival;  it addresses the top level issue, your long range state of being.  All humans have an eternal status, that is to say, will live forever.  The question then is clearly of the two states available, and there are only two, in which state will you survive?  Life or Death?

One would think that any person with a clear view of these choices would certainly choose life, but reality doesn't always follow logic, and in this case it certainly doesn't.  Our entire time system is structured around a single historical event; The birth of Jesus Christ.  We say today is January or February, but the year is (some number)A.D., or when we speak of events in history that occurred before the birth of Jesus Christ, we say the year is (some number)B.C.

Throughout history no other person has had an impact greater than Jesus Christ.  So what does history reveal to us about this man?  First and foremost, that He was much more than just a man, but God's son.  He came to this Earth being born in a manger to parents that were of the common people.  His purpose was to redeem mankind, and His path was clear.

He lived a sinless life, being born of Jewish parents, learned the Law, and kept it under the scrutiny of the most devout and strict Lawyers, who despite their strong desire to find fault in Him, could not.  They tortured Him, and put Him to death by crucifixion, a method which purposed to keep the punished alive and in torment as long as possible until the punished was overcome by physical trauma and died.

His purpose was to make an atonement (payment) for the sins of mankind, and He did, shedding His blood for even the very people who murdered Him.  And to what end?  That whosoever trust in that payment He made on the cross, would be saved and have life everlasting.  Those who do not, and reject His payment, will pay for their sin by having everlasting death.

So the ultimate decision with respect to your eternal status is one that can only be made by you.  And such a decision, since it has eternal ramifications, and the results having such a huge impact, God will not entrust His message to any being, He delivers the message Himself.  No one will be eternally punished for their sin unless they have been delivered this message and rejected the atonement.  And God delivers the message to every person during their lifetime.

Does God use Angels, Pastors, Evangelist, the Environment, and others?  Yes He does, however, it is His Holy Spirit that uses these resources moment to moment speaking through some of these in a specific moment to reveal to a specific person.  The person He is speaking through does not know who the Holy Spirit is speaking to, nor knows the exact message.  God is in control of the message, no one else.

The decision you make can only be made by you, and it will be.  So, you say I went to a Church, was emotionally moved by the speaker, walked down the isle, filled out the card, and was pronounced saved by the Pastor, so I'm good right?  The Pastor can be fooled, can have a message that is not provided by the Holy Spirit, and God knows what's in your heart, and what is in your heart is the only thing that counts.

Anyone can parrot key words and phrases back to a Pastor and convince that Pastor that they now have faith, but convincing the Pastor, or anyone else that you have faith is meaningless to God, you must actually have faith!  So how do you get faith?  There are a number of ways, ask God, read His Word, the Bible (faith comes by hearing the Word of God), attend a church.  The Bible says that if you seek Him, God, with all your heart, He will reveal Himself to you.

Some day soon the governments of the world will make it a crime to even posses a Bible.  Get one now while they can be found, and should you not get one in time, then just know that if you seek God with all your heart, then He will reveal Himself to you.  To me the choice is simple: Live life eternally in heaven with God, or Live it eternally in hell unable to end an eternal punishment, unable to die, unable to change your situation.

My choice is salvation, eternal life, and you?  Choose wisely.

My choice is guaranteed, and it's true survival!
Below Are Links To Online Sources That Are Currently Available, However, The One World Government Will Eventually Use Its Power To Forbid Them To Be On The Internet
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