People Disappear Without Explanation

There will come a day when there will be millions who have just vanished without warning.  You will be surprised that they cannot be found and just their clothing and personal items will be found in whatever position they were in at the time.  The news media and governmental agencies will try to explain how so many just vanished but will themselves be at a loss as to where they went or how they were taken.  They will try to explain away the disappearances in various ways which will all be so outlandish as to be ridiculous.

Those that vanished were generally good people, not criminals or bad people.  Most if not all attended a Church on a regular basis and were God fearing people.  These were the ones who tried to tell other people about salvation and how to be saved, but were turned away with scorn or laughter.  They tried to tell people this day would come but they were to busy to take it seriously, no one was interested.  They were to obsessed with the trappings of this world to listen.

So the question is are you in danger of eternal damnation?  The answer is yes.  The ones taken were the ones who believed in Jesus Christ for salvation.  The ones left behind are in danger of eternal damnation for their unbelief.  To believe in Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and heaven.  There are things to consider to ensure your survival during this time.  I advise you to read focus and live.  It is a serious look at what is needed to survive the coming days.